Sad Poem Dedicated to the Earth
sad poem on earth

Read the Sad Poem with Compassion, Sorry Mother Earth.

To say sorry means there is lurking some sadness. To say Sorry Mother Earth essentially points toward consciousness.

Read the sad poem with compassion,

Save the Earth from the frustration

As finding appropriate breaths is hard

When the pollution is on card!

Kindle the lost love toward green,

Tell all, especially those in teen,

For they are the torch bearers

To come next and not live with tears!


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Happy Short Poems
Happy Short Poems

There is a significant correlation between the smile of superagile Kissi-Pussi-Poo and happy short poems. Both provide happiness to the heart!

Happy Short Poems are Great

Short happy poems are loved by kids as they are easy to read, recite and remember.


Says shoo…shoo

To the big black sheep

Headed to a drain deep!

Kissi-Pussi-Poo Endorses Happy Short Poems

Kissi-Pussi-Poo favors happy short poems as they are mood modifiers and also motivate to do consistently good.

Saving smiles, are you?

Not good, they are for everyone!

Kissi-Pussi-Poo must woo

With winning smiles everyone!

Thanks for reading. Have a nice time!




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